Performance Driven Organics

Over two decades of knowledge infuse formulations that integrate herbal, homeopathic and cosmetics to create new standards in clean, high-performance beauty. We use organic ingredients whenever possible and place as much emphasis on topical care as we do on health and balance, because real beauty is born within.


All the ingredients we use are of the highest pharmaceutical and cosmeceutical standard. They’re sustainably sourced and where available, organic. Many of our products are vegan and none have ever been tested on animals. We’re the first pharmacy dedicated to all things organic.

Our Roots

From our first customer in our first store two decades ago, we have been dedicated to all things organic and ‘clean’. Our path has not wavered, we are still dedicated to most health and skincare needs: a fully stocked herbal dispensary.


We fuse ‘nature with nurture’. Using state of the art techniques in our London laboratory & factory, we make best use of each ingredient, extracting the most powerful and potent from every botanical to create award winning formulations.

Our Planet

All our packaging is Eco-friendly and recyclable, our products are reef safe. This means we adhere to strict standards to: use environmentally friendly production and processing, responsibly use natural resources, respect biodiversity, never use petrochemicals, phenoxyethanol, perfumes, synthetic colorants and GMO.

British, Organic, Traceable, Natural


Margo Marrone, a Pharmacist and Homeopath, co-founded The Organic Pharmacy in 2002. “Not many people really think about what they put on their skin and the importance it plays on their health and immune system. I believe that the way we live is directly related to our health. Keeping our minds and body healthy using clean ingredients free from toxins not only helps keep us fit but also the world we live in. The Organic Pharmacy for me was a way that people all over the world can access, healthy, scientific and results driven products and treatments to heal the mind and body.”