Multi-award winning, organic, British made haircare that works in harmony with your body for the ultimate hair & scalp health.

Tabitha James Kraan Organic products came into existence in 2013. After extensive performance testing in the salon with Tabitha’s loyal and devoted clients they were officially launched to the world in April 2015. 

Developed to protect the naturally recurring oils and rejuvenate hair and scalp health, she took her love of all things organic to a new level. TJK range of professional products are set to revolutionise the market with their very high content of certified organic ingredients. Tabitha’s intention will always be to deliver the cleanest possible options for hair care with professional performance and delicious scents. Her organic and natural products will nourish and feed your hair, and won’t harm the planet.

TJK believes great hair is founded on 3 core principles:

Oil balancing

Hair oil application will strengthen and build up long-term protection of the hair strands.

Keeping the correct moisture balance in place lets each strand be more malleable and move freely. This enables maximum control to achieve fabulously buoyant hair that is full of life and lustre, achieving a more youthful look!

The oil also acts like a varnish, deepening and enriching the natural or coloured tones of the hair enhancing and protecting all colours.

Correct cleansing

Healthy hair is the foundation of Great hair.
Correct cleansing is how to achieve that foundation.

The Hair Cleansers gently cleanse the hair using soapbark, which creates a natural soap to clean, without stripping the natural oils as traditional detergent based shampoos do. By cleansing this way the scalp’s natural equilibrium is maintained and excess oil production is calmed, thus balancing over time.

Moisture layering

Most problems are caused by moisture/oil being stripped from the hair. TJK has designed products that enable you to replace that moisture easily and effectively building layers to achieve longevity of healthy hair. The Scented Hair Oil, Clean Conditioner, 4-in-1 Conditioner and Hair Perfume all add additional layers of moisture to the hair.

Tabitha James Kraan Organic Hair Care

Is a range of the purest, cleanest, most organic hair products possible that work in harmony with the hair and the scalp. Hair that is treated to the Tabitha James Kraan formula has natural shine and lustre, vibrant colour, smells amazing and stays looking good for days.

Scented Hair Oil

A little pot of gold opulence

  • A nutrient-rich and gloriously scented hair oil, for use before shampoos as a treatment, or on clean dry hair to varnish, moisturise and nourish
  • Rich in anti-oxidants, it is easily absorbed and delivers a profound shine
  • Protects and increases moisture balance
  • Aromatherapy scented with our signature Amber Rose scent.
  • Hair Oil can be also used as luxurious facial oil

Hair Cleanser


  • Cleanses without stripping the hair, and delivers a powerful shot of signature hair oil
  • A ground-breaking formula that nourishes and protects whilst naturally delivering incredible shine and body
  • Reduces frizz and enhances colour
  • Available in two Aromatherapy scents – Golden Citrus and Amber Rose


For hair that does what it’s told

  • Infuses the hair with vitamins, minerals and proteins, a vigorous restorative and strengthening formula
  • Organic oils protect the hair and make it manageable while essential oils are nurturing and leave the hair smelling good enough to eat
  • The product can be used as a traditional conditioner, a leave-in, a scalp moisturiser and as a styling product
  • Available in two Aromatherapy scents – Golden Citrus and Amber Rose

Clean Shampoo

Expertly formulated supernatural shampoo

  • Use to achieve a healthy balanced scalp, this ecoluxe shampoo will soothe an irritated, dry, itchy scalp
  • Calm the overproduction of oil from the sebacious glands, rebalancing an oily scalp
  • Made without the use of harsh detergents, synthetic ingredients, plastics or silicones
  • Available in two Aromatherapy scents – Golden Citrus and Amber Rose


Clean Conditioner

Award winning ecoluxe hair mask 

  • Deep moisturising that will keep your hair smooth and glossy for longer whilst being nurtured by nature
  • Use as a super deep, rinse off conditioning mask
  • No synthetic ingredients at all and a truly 100% natural preservative system
  • Available in two Aromatherapy scents – Golden Citrus and Amber Rose

Dry Shampoo

The don’t-leave-home-without-it cleanser

  • Cleanses and restores natural beauty and body, soothes the scalp, and smells delightfully fresh
  • Counteracts oily roots without stripping natural oils
  • Can be used as a cleanser and/or a styling product
  • Available in two Aromatherapy scents – Golden Citrus and Amber Rose

“Love your hair, love yourself, love your planet.”


100% natural preservative system
 Soil Association / Cosmos Organic certified
Vegan friendly