Jack N’ Jill believes that businesses have an obligation to the environment. That’s why they have formulated all natural, hypoallergenic products with organic ingredients and, where possible, designed their packaging to be minimal, recyclable and BPA Free. Jack N’ Jill has a top selling natural toothpaste for babies, toddlers and children that is safe to swallow. It was first made in Melbourne, Australia.

Jack N’ Jill Toothpaste is 100% safe for young children especially because they have a tendency to swallow it, rather than spit it out! All Jack N’ Jill branding is designed to be appealing to children. Rich in Xylitol/Helps Prevent Cavities Organic Calendula/Soothes Gums Mint Free/Tastes Good

Alongside the toothpaste Jack N’ Jill have designed and manufactured the first children’s Bio Toothbrushes with handles that are made of NON GMO Corn Starch, and are therefore biodegradable and recyclable.

Jack N’ Jill have a unique range of “first tooth” options from our highly effective, natural, safe and Australian made Teething Gel, to our Tooth Wipes and our Silicone Range of Brushes.

Electric Musical Toothbrush (aka Buzzy Brush) is revolutionary in encouraging three year olds and beyond to brush happily while dancing to the tune!

Their Bathtime range is formulated with the highest quality natural ingredients, designed to be effective and some variants have a unique aromatherapy profile. Using ingredients such as Native White Cypress and Native Orange Pearl, makes the Jack N’ Jill Bathtime range truly unique.